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Mobile Push and SMS

Build Omnichannel Experiences that Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Rich Push Notifications

Drive users back to your platform with timed push notifications that trigger users to respond accordingly, based on their current stage in the customer journey.

Use the built-in notification template to customize your messages. And get suggestions from our AI.

Automate the process of delivery with triggers based on conditions derived from user behavior and historical responses.

Personalized Messages and In-App Messaging

Engage with customers with personalized messaging. Use content recommendation-based user behavior to drive users to your platform.

Use automated offer and coupon suggestions to trigger actions from users. Predicting modeling helps discover the right motivation for each user, thus delivering communication similar at a 1:1 level.

Never Miss an Alert Anymore

Floating a new promotional deal or reminding customers their payment is due, SMS provides an effective & immediate way to establish a connection. Master the tone and get the right copy to encourage the next step.

AI-driven Chat
Contextual Conversation for Chat Support

Help users by providing information relevant to users’ worries. Solve customers’ trouble with customized chats and trigger useful information in response to support queries.

Make it easier for support executives by making all relevant user information available to them at ease.

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Email Marketing & Campaign Management

Build Omnichannel Experiences that Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Faster Email Delivery

Easily create emails with our drag-and-drop editor. Select a template you like and drag on elements to the editor to create simple but highly effective designs.

Use our product suggestion feature to simply add personalized recommendations that work for the customers, based on our intuitive data analysis model of user behaviors and transactions.

Delivery Insights & Timely Triggers

Not just random numbers and data metrics, we will deliver you meaningful insights incommunicable language.

Automate email life cycle with our campaign management’s features and streamline all processes, including the optimizing part of the cycle.

Send email drips and time delivery for optimized campaign performance. Triggers are set by the predictive model based real-time behavior of users.

Social Media Messaging
WhatsApp & other Messaging Channels

Use Taarg’s personal API to integrate WhatsApp messaging and similar communication channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Establish communication at a personal level with the users. This feature is extremely useful at critical touchpoints of the user journey as these communication channels statistically deliver better performance rates.

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Adaptive Website Recommendation

Build Omnichannel Experiences that Drive Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Dynamic Website Messaging

With any help from the IT, customize content and insert adaptive messaging based on user interest, geo-location, device type, and other user behavior data.

Coordinate deliverables of a user across the web and mobile channels seamlessly from one place.

Web-Push Notification

Use our in-built templates or create a new push notification design using the editor. Send personalized push messages dynamically by triggering conditions set by the marketer or as suggested by the predictive model.

Use audience segmentation tool to categorize users into different stages of their user journey and send them messages accordingly.

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The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and the world's most elevant channels such as Facebook.

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